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Biomaterials and Devices
Topics include: biomimicry, drug and gene delivery carriers, biomaterials and microfabrication, and bioelectronics for sensing and monitoring
Computational Biology and Biophysics
Research topics include bioinformatics, molecular dynamics simulations, systems biology modeling, coarse grained physics-based simulations and mathematical modeling of molecular, cellular, organisms...
Cellular Science and Engineering
Topics include: developmental biology, immunology, live cell imaging, tissue engineering, optogenetics, neural development, cellular sensing and signaling, bacterial and cellular motility.
Biomolecular Science and Engineering
Topics include: Single-molecule Measurement, Protein and Nucleic Acid Folding and Design, Enzyme Mechanisms, biomolecular assemblies, and Macromolecular Interactions.
Graduate student in the Sukenik lab
$2.2M NIH Grant Designed to Produce Highly Trained, Diverse Ph.D. Workforce

G-RISE Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science and Technology Program

G-Rise I-BioSTeP training grant aims to prepare a diverse pool of scientists earning a Ph.D. for competitive careers in the biomedical field by training students to identify and solve pressing biological problems using quantitative interdisciplinary approaches.

We are recruiting our next full cohort of up to 12 trainees. G-RISE I-BioSTeP trainees will receive ~$25K + tuition and benefits per year for the first two years of their graduate career in addition to travel support to receive additional training or present research at professional meetings. 

Students interested in G-RISE I-BioSTeP must:


Once a semester, G-RISE I-BioSTeP will have all-hands meetings of the current cohorts along with current mentors and members of the...

University Main Campus

Trainees of GRISE I-BioSTeP are required to attend professional development workshops. The first workshop will be 9:00am-10:30am on Wednesday,...
Join us for a joint welcome student-centered event for GRISE and CCBM students! There will be time to network and socialize outdoors, learn...
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