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Mentor Responsibilities

Mentor Responsibilities

As a mentor with G-RISE, you have agreed to uphold specific responsibilities outlined in our program. These responsibilities serve as guiding principles to ensure a successful and enriching mentorship experience for all involved. 

Expected engagement from the faculty member in activities ranging from recruiting, hosting rotations, participating in meetings and events and committee service as needed.


1. Faculty mentors in the program will be integrally involved in reinforcing ER concepts most significantly through the semesterly all-hands meeting where mentors and trainees together work through modules, developed by NIH, which focus on integral aspects of rigor and reproducibility in the research endeavor, such as (i) transparency, (ii) blinding and randomization (iii) biological replicates and (iv) sample size, outliers and exclusion criteria. These concepts will further emphasized in lab meetings as well as the students annual committee meetings.


2. Mentoring training for faculty: Once a year, all assigned faculty serving as research mentors will have a mandatory mentor training workshop run by a CIMER certified faculty member on campus.  The training will discuss mentoring practices and identify any potential issues and prospects for improvement. Topics covered will include addressing students’ diverse needs, age and experience, race and ethnicity, balancing work and lifestyle, disadvantaged socioeconomic background and students with disabilities. Mentors will also be encouraged to explicitly reinforce research reproducibility and research ethics within their groups and techniques to do this will be discussed.


3. Participation in committees as needed.

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