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Sayantani Ghosh

Professional Title: 
Professor, Physics
Research Interests: 

Professor Ghosh's research interests cover both traditional topics and emerging multi-disciplinary themes in condensed matter physics. Her group focuses on the physics of new materials and using ultra-fast opto-electronic techniques, develops methods and protocols to manipulate their properties for applications in energy storage and information processing devices.

The current research topics in her group include:

  • Cooperative Energy Transfer Dynamics in Self-assembled Nanostructured Materials
  • Directed Assembly of Metallic, Magnetic and Semiconducting Nanostructures Using Liquid Crystal Based Electro-optically Active Matrices
  • Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Including Solar Cells and Luminescent Solar Concentrators
  • Exotic Magnetic Phases Originating From Geometric Frustration in Doped and Undoped Systems

In Addition, Professor Ghosh is Also the Founding Faculty and Advisor of UC Merced Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE@UCM).

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