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Xuecai Ge

Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor, Molecular Cell Biology
Research Interests: 

The Ge lab is interested in understanding molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopment and its related diseases. Researchers focus on the developing cerebral cortex and cerebellum, and study how different cell signaling pathways integrate to govern neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Specifically, they aim to understand:

  • How Signaling Pathways are Integrated at the Cilium, the Antenna of the Cell, to Control Cell Behaviors
  • How the Molecular Signaling Pathways Interact With Each Other to Control the Cell Proliferation and Cell Fate Determination in the Developing Brain
  • How to Apply What is Learned From Cultured Cells and Animal Models to Clarify the Pathogenesis of Neural Developmental Disorders and Pediatric Brain Tumors
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